Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Roundabout Redux

Just when you think I am done complaining about the roundabouts, here comes another post.

Yesterday I had to run over to Walled Lake to pick up some items.  To get there, the fastest way is for me to go through the roundabout at Maple and Drake.  Yes, one of those 'most dangerous intersections in Oakland County'. 

I get there and notice that the Road Commission workers are re-striping the lanes.  I had no time to understand what they are doing because of the trucks and flashing lights, but it appeared that one lane was being eliminated? 

After getting my supplies in Walled Lake and turning around to come home, I debate coming home another way, but I don't want to go miles out of my way, so I opt for the reverse course.

Ya gotta love it.  I get back to the roundabout to see a two-car accident.  In the roundabout.  Not down the road.  Just right there.

How long will it be before the Road Commission realizes what a colossal failure these are in West Bloomfield?  While listing accident statistics, they don't even know how many fender-benders go unreported, like mine, because no real damage occurred to either vehicle.  OTOH, the car I saw yesterday was absent a front bumper.

Reading my Detroit News this morning, there is a front page article about driverless cars.  I wonder how they would do in the roundabout?

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