Saturday, May 26, 2012

Some Hosta Hanky-Panky in the Garden

What a busy couple of days.  I have photographed all of the hostas.  Over 110 plants.  Thirty-two different plants that I know of and a few whose names I do not remember.  I am hoping that with a little digging in the dirt, I can find the old labels.

Anyway, while examining everything I have, I noticed some interesting young plants underneath an established one that looked 'different' than the older plant, and not true to form.  I asked a local grower about them and he said they were probably seedlings and asked what was nearby. Aha.

Here is my Frances Williams, one of several in the garden: 

Across the walkway is Krossa Regal, which is pod sterile and only slightly pollen fertile:

But, low and behold, just like in human life, when you thought you were never going to conceive, check out the 'children', transplanted to a new location:

They seem to have 'mom's coloring' and 'dad's shape.  Hmmm.
I'll be curious to see how they develop.

And if any of you are Hosta lovers, maybe you know what this clump is called.  I sincerely doubt that it is a result of seedlings from H. 'lancifolia', my oldest hosta and my first.  But, it does have a lance shaped leaf, a light blue-green with only a hint of white edging, growing upright about 8 inches.  Any guesses? 

I'll be off to look at more hostas tomorrow.  I left the house today without my shopping list, though I still managed to add a few new ones to the garden, including this beauty, the 2005 Hosta of the Year, H. 'Striptease':

That's all for now.

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