Saturday, April 28, 2012

Speaking of emails

I will not be writing this blog as often in the future or maybe not at all.  In the last few weeks I have won millions upon millions of dollars.  I have lots of emails that say so.  And in addition to all the money, I have also won free Subway sandwiches.  I'll be so busy spending and eating I won't have time to write.

A day hasn't gone by recently when I haven't received at least one of these 'spam' emails promising me money.  I never open them, but I can see the first few words of each when they are in my mailbox to know that I am being scammed. 

All of these are in my old netscape account email.  I never check the spam in my Gmail account, so I could be even wealthier!

On another email note, I wish people would think twice before forwarding emails.  Yes, some are quite humorous.  But others are downright offensive.  It's not bad enough that some have very inaccurate statements, but I've received two very racist emails in the last few days.  Even if the people sending them thought they were funny (they were supposed to be 'jokes'), they should stop and think whether or not the recipients would feel the same way.  I sure didn't.

When someone makes racist remarks to me in person, I usually speak my mind in a nice way.  I hesitate to get into a verbal email battle.

So, in the future, 'Thank you' for thinking twice, if you do.

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