Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Diet is a Four-letter Word

I need motivation.  I can do my gardening.  I can get to yoga.  I'll walk.  But dieting and keeping track of everything I eat is too much work.

Years ago I lost weight and became a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member.  Then I went through menopause, had my estrogen pills taken away, and ended up sidelined in a leg cast for three months.  Nothing has ever been the same.

Awhile back I blogged about a request from someone who was writing a diet app.  Today I received the link to the finished application:  http://slimkicker.com/

Well, if I got kicked into doing this is might work.  Yesterday I had lunch with two friends, one a Weight Watchers coach and the other a life member.  I sat silent while they had their discussion.  I have no motivation to go back to meetings. 

If I had a health issue, I guess that would motivate me.  At least it might scare me. 

I'll look at the app later today.  Then I'll probably go have a piece of that wonderful blackberry pie I baked.  I encourage you to check it out.  How's that for motivation?


  1. You are not alone thinking about dieting. I really enjoy certain foods that the slim and trim probably never eat. So ... I am looking for other foods that give me the same feeling but are not so hazardous to my health. Stone fruits are winners, but are not available for more than a few months. Carrots are great but seem odd with a cuppa. Just what can replace that piece of pie?

  2. My go to snack is dried fruit and nuts. Just the right combo of salt and sweet.


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