Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow + Sun = Migraine Headache

I am living like a hermit in my home.  We finally got some snow, but not a lot of it.  We also have sunshine.  Bright sunshine.  For me, that equals 'migraine headache'.

Snow reflects 80% of the suns UV rays, more than sand on a beach.  To some, I guess this is beautiful.  OTOH, I have in the past found myself wearing sunglasses indoors.  Even with the blinds closed!

I do not get migraines very often.  But on Thursday, I had a whopper and the snow did not even arrive.  I think it was from the drop in barometric pressure. 

What is know about migraines is that environmental factors can trigger one.  The factors include a change in the weather, a change in barometric pressure, and high winds. Other environmental triggers include a bright or flickering light (like the one in a Home Depot recently), glare (like what we have today), and intense smells or vapors.

All the blinds are down and closed with the exception of two that are up just enough to let light in for the plants on the floor.  The solar light tube provides enough light to keep the family room lit.  But even there I had to 'pass' on the fancy faceted cover.  The installer put the beautiful faceted light cover on the ceiling opening and my head was spinning almost immediately.  I had to settle for the old-fashioned style of plain frosted glass.

Fortunately, I made the decision to go out at eight a.m. yesterday and clean the driveway.  That was well before it was too bright outside.  Otherwise, I'd be waiting for the snow to melt.  And from the forecast I've seen, that may be awhile.


  1. How true!!! It finally snowed here in Illinois last night. I woke up, opened all of the window shades, and started getting a migraine from all of the "white" outside. One of my little daughters even got one, too! We pulled the shades, and I took some aspirin. I had to laugh about the sunglasses indoors. Earlier today, I was looking for my sunglasses because they certainly would have helped as I walked around the house holding my head in my hands and squinting away at the pain!

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