Friday, December 30, 2011

The End of Days?

The History Channel is running a series of 'Armageddon' programs.  I am currently watching one about Histories Mysteries and the unexplainable structures we see on our planet, such as the great pyramids in Egypt and their perfect alignment.  And did aliens have something to do with this?

While we were sipping our wine yesterday, we discussed the Mayan Calendar and the interpretations that have been made regarding it.  There are tons of online sites that discuss this so you are on your own here to find one.

But back to watching TV today.  During a commercial, there is an ad for tonight's Armageddon programs.  Immediately following this one is an ad for a limited edition gold coin.  It is on a first come-first sold basis and you can only buy five coins. 

If you are watching these shows and believing that the 'end is near' (and yes, those folks exist), why in the world would you be buying gold coins?   Guess you want to cover all your bases.

The narrator of the program I am watching talks about looking for intelligent life in our universe.  Heck.  Often when I am reading the news or watching TV, I am looking for signs of intelligent life on this planet.

One of the speakers on the program says that we as humans are willing to believe just about anything without any real evidence.  I don't think that just applies to stories of aliens.

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