Thursday, November 17, 2011

If There's No Dead Body, I'm not Watching - or Reading

I hate to think that I have a morbid fascination with life and death, but when it comes to entertainment, whether it's books, TV, or movies, I tend to prefer those which have a dead body in them.

For example, my favorite movies include 'Body Heat' and 'Chinatown'.  I have read all of the books of David Baldacci and Nelson deMille and other mystery writers.  My favorite TV shows include the three CSIs, both NCIS dramas, and Hawaii Five-O.  Dead bodies abound and killers are hunted down.

I thought about my choices this morning when I read Nolan Finley's column in the Detroit News.  He was talking about the liberal influence on TV programs by Hollywood writers. Specifically, he was referencing the HBO series 'Hung'.  I have never noticed a liberal bias on any of the shows I watch.

(As an aside, 'Hung' is partially filmed here in West Bloomfield.  I was on the Township Board when permission to film was requested.  One of my fellow trustees asked if this would be a 'family show'?  I turned to her and asked what part of HBO TV did she not get?)

I have only seen one episode of the show and that was to see if I could recognize the area they film in.  A lakefront home.  Ho-hum.  I did not find it particularly entertaining. 

When it comes to influencing public opinion on TV, I prefer the subtle sarcasm that was used on the Seinfeld shows.  They constantly pointed out the silliness of what we read about in everyday life.  I would love to see how they would treat the latest news about the 'gay' penguins.

I prefer that we make every attempt to 'get the bad guys'.  And make no apologies for doing so.  Violate their 'civil rights'?  Those rights evaporate when they break the law, IMHO. 

Maybe my choices and attitudes were formed by what I saw on TV when I was young.  Westerns.  My dad controlled the TV at night.  I think I have seen every western show that was on TV in the 50's.  I can still see the young Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates (how dreamy) on 'Rawhide'.  If I had a VCR hooked up, I would throw in my tape of the movie 'Silverado'.

I asked my sons on Sunday if a new TV comedy, 'Two Broke Girls', was as stupid as the commercials seem to indicate.  The youngest assured me that it was.  I think I'll stick to the guns and leave the roses for the rest of the universe.

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