Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revisiting Last year in Illinois

Back in May I reported on my trip to Lincoln Park, Illinois.  I meant to get around to talking about the Coonley Estate, but got distracted.  Before I knew it I was writing about my trip to the 'big ditch'.

So, in going through my photos, I saw the ones I took at the Coonley Estate in Riverside, Illinois.  It is one of those examples of what you can do when money is no object.

Avery Coonley and Queene Ferry both came from families with lots of money, he from industry in New York and she from the Ferry Seed Company in Detroit. 

The complex they built consisted of the main house, now separated into two residences, the gardener's cottage, stable, playhouse, and a residence for the 'help' at the school.  The complex is incredible and following are pictures.

Entering the main house, with a landscaped walk:

Outside by the pool:

Inner Courtyard and gardens:

The stables, for sale at the time at $1 million plus:

The Gardener's Cottage, not bad and I can garden too

The Playhouse/School that they ran (above) and the house they built for the teachers (below)

If you ever get the chance to visit the area, it is worth seeing.  Not just these homes, but others in the city.  You do not have to be an architect to appreciate this.  Just ooooh  and ahhhhh!

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