Monday, December 27, 2010

Dealing with the Weather

Snow, snow, snow.  Or lack thereof.  Now the entire Eastern Seaboard is covered in snow with travelers stranded in airports, including Metro.

A few years ago, my oldest son, who lives in Texas, planned to come home for Christmas.  He got as far as O'Hare and after two days he flew back home to Texas.  So much for Happy Holidays in the north.  I know from personal experience about the treacherous Chicago winter snows and summer rains and airport shutdowns.

Anyway, we decided that Thanksgiving and summer were better times to visit up here.  That being said, I was in San Antonio one December when our plans to meet got changed when the entire State was hit by an ice storm.  They literally close the freeways down there.  My son was one of the few people in his apartment complex with an ice scraper in his car, since he had recently moved to the Austin area.  Others were using their credit cards.

So, this year, we talked about holidays and my son informed me that he was spending them 'down under'.  Since he was working in Malaysia in early December, it made sense to take a Christmas time vacation and head to Australia and New Zealand.

While I was sitting here watching the snow come down on a recent Sunday, I received an email from Melbourne inquiring about what I thought were the 'must see' places.  Of course, the Great Ocean Road was on the top of my list.  So, a few days before Christmas, I received the following picture of a wonderful December day in the 'deep south'.  What a beautiful way to spend a holiday.  And what a view!

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