Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Night and CBS

I never watched television during the years I was working, with the exception of Seinfeld.  Three years ago I had an accident and spent several months at home in front of the TV while I recuperated.  My son got me a Netflix subscription and I discovered that I had missed some interesting made for TV movies and programs.

After viewing these and rating them on Netflix, I got suggestions for more programs I might enjoy.  And my list of movies kept growing.  I got hooked.  And after I caught up on old seasons of programs, I got hooked on watching the current season.

Thus, on Tuesday night I sit down with NCIS, NCIS LA, and the Good Wife.  CBS also airs CSI, CSI: Miami, and Numbers.  Next month LOST will return and I will find myself glued to the TV and trying to put all the pieces together.

Of course, watching them on DVD, On Demand, or on the net, eliminates all those irritating commercials, which is what I hated about TV before and still do.

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