Sunday, January 3, 2010

Are you sure this is an indoor market?

I know it's Michigan and I should expect cold weather, currently 19 degrees.  But that is outside.  Went to the grocer's today and it was cold inside.  Pushing the cart with my gloves on and almost put my hood up on my coat to keep my head warm.  Even worse when I got to the checkout line, right in front of the sliding outside doors.  Brrr.

Looks to be more of this cold weather all week, so I will curl up with some good books.  And maybe bake some bread.  Received two Peter Reinhart bread books for Christmas, so now I have three and am anxious to try some whole wheat bread recipes.

As for those taxes from yesterday, I broke down last night and sorted everything.  Now I just need my tax statements and I'm ready to go.  There is always something.

Most days I wonder where the time went and how I ever found time to work.  My son did remark at Christmas that I never wrapped gifts with paper and bows (real ones, not stick-on) when I was working, I just threw everything in those nice gift bags. 

Thought for the day:  It isn't that I look ten years younger since I retired (so I'm told), it's just that I don't look ten years older than I am, which is what happened when I was employed full-time plus.

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