Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 7, 1969 Florence, Italy

We left Venice this morning for the train ride to Florence.  We arrived at 2:30 in the afternoon and checked into the Hotel Berchielli at Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli.  The hotel is still there and I do not remember it being this nice ($200/night now).  I do remember taking photos of the Arno River bank where you could see the high-water marks from the floods of 1966.

I am feeling better, but Shar not so much.  I have decided my issues are allergy related. 

We spent the afternoon walking around the city.  I bought a pair of gloves which I had until a few years ago.  They were pretty well-worn - they were off-white, now looking gray.

I also bought a leather case for my glasses.  I still have it, though I rarely use it since only one pair of glasses will fit in it and those are in a hard case lest I smash them in my purse. 
My Jackie O's which I have had since the 70's.  Obviously these do not fit.

We had a marvellous dinner of cannelloni and saltimbocca.  Now that I think about it, I think that is the only time I ever had saltimbocca, although I love veal, just prefer other presentations of it.

We are here for four more days so stay tuned.

I spent $39.27 which I am guessing included the hotel in Venice.  Or those were some really expensive gloves.


  1. A wonderful place that right up there on my 'must-visit' wish list!

  2. Denise, I’m impressed that you still have these keepsakes! I recall my friends all wanting leather goods from Florence.

  3. Who wears gloves, unless it's winter, these days? I guess that's another dinosaur item.

    1. You are right. I had some lovely daytime gloves, even lace ones, that I donated a few years ago, though I doubt anyone would buy them.

  4. Wow, must have been an impressive stop if you were there for 4 days!



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