Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Granada in Song

I was reading the comments on my post and this song was going through my head.  It took me nearly an hour to find this song in English because I could not remember who sang it in English.  So, here is Frankie Laine.
  And for those who want to hear it in Spanish,


  1. Placido Domingo started his career in the sixties at the small, shabby, Opera House in Tel Aviv. He was a plump, mexican,little guy (that's how I remember him) and look where that beginning got him. He's one of the best tenors in the world. His 'Granada' interpretation is definitely one of the best. Pavarotti (rip) was, is, and will always remain The Very Best.

    1. It was a toss-up between the two as to whose version to post. I did not know that about Domingo. I think the first version I heard in Spanish was Mario Lanza and I almost posted that one. It is a beautiful song. I must have listened to twenty or more videos online.

  2. I love this song and prefer Placido’s version.


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