Saturday, April 21, 2018

As Our Kids See Us

Recently I received an email about how our grandchildren view us.  It was quite cute.  What is more interesting is how our children perceive us.  I have been cleaning out closets and boxes of  'stuff'.  I must say it seems to be a never-ending task.  I have some folders where I used to save my children's stuff.  You know, the kinds of things boys, especially, do not bother with - certificates of achievement, congratulatory letters - and also personal info like vaccination records. 

I was going through the folder for my youngest son so that I can hand it off to him and amongst the old school papers he had written and I had saved, I found this item from probably first grade.  It is a cut-out of a woman and I am guessing it was done for Mother's Day.

The teacher had written on the front of the cut-out my son's description of me:

My mother is someone who is ...
20 years old
weighs 50 lbs
a good cook
playing outside in the park
to clean house
doesn't like..
sneak out cookies

Now let's see, I was 34 when I had him and probably weighed 50 pounds in grade school.  He was a picky eater and hardly ever ate what I cooked.  Cleaning house has never been on the top of my list and likely I took him to the park to avoid doing so.  'Sneak out' cookies must have been the usual child theft from the cookie jar.  And I am not sure where the Godzilla reference comes from.

Truly his first work of fiction, LOL.


  1. Hahahahaaaa...this is so very cute and sweet. Even though he was picky, he loved your cooking. He thought you were young and thin...meaning attractive. You kept the house in good shape but had time to take him to the park but remembered when he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and Godzilla must have been on at one time..more than once and you didn’t like it...just like my mom. .....I miss my mom. I saw a card today that Bekka Cruger created for mother’s day and I have been tearing up all day because of the definition of mother....when I read a shoulder to cry on, I lost it because I miss her shoulder

    1. I often had a horrible relationship with my mother and envy those who have wonderful memories. She even made Mother's Day a dreadful event.

  2. Funny - I was a picky eater too and don't remember, as a kid, whether my mother was a good cook. She certainly became one somewhere along the line. Why did he think you liked to clean house I wonder? Birgit seems to have it all worked out.

    1. Probably cause I was always telling him to clean his room, lol.

  3. Funny! Not sure what our own kids would have written at that age - not sure I want to know.

  4. That is absolutely priceless! You should have it framed and give it to him! :D

  5. That is brilliant! I dread to think what my kids said about me - lazy, likes a beer, nods off in front of the telly.....!

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