Monday, June 22, 2015

One Bloomin' Season - Summer Starts

It's the first week of summer and week six on my garden tour.  It is slow going and I am not sure I will make a July 4 peak in blooming.  We'll see.  This first picture is of a single Dwarf Veronica plant with some budding daisies.  I only bought one Veronica, not knowing how it would take to my garden.  Now, having survived a few years, I might go looking for some more.

Next up is Astilbe 'Rheinland', of which I have several.  That's a Stella de Oro daylily blooming next to it.

And then I have Astilbe 'Visions in Pink' with Coral Bells 'Citronelle' on right.  I absolutely love that lime color!

Here is my rescued Double white peony.  It only has one bloom this year, again, but I am hoping that it continues to thrive.

No one grows Hosta for their flowers, with the exception of Fragrant Hosta, but here is a 'Frances Williams', one of the first hostas I ever bought.  It now grows all over the yard after several divisions.  Did I tell you that I have over 130 hosta plants?
This next one is Hosta 'Elegans'.  This is one big hosta!
And Hosta '???'  UPDATE:  pretty sure this is an unknown blue cup which I will try to identify.

I also have a patch of Houttuynia.  The blossoms are insignificant.  BUT, deer and rabbits do not like the citrus smell and will avoid the area.  It can be a nuisance since it spreads like crazy, but I have yet to deal with that problem in the area it grows.  What I call the 'back swamp'.
Here some Stonecrop sedum lines a pathway.  This has been growing since the garden was first planted 40+ years ago.
A border of Stella de Oro daylilies along the street are blooming.  A combination of smelly sprays and rosemary plants seem to be effective in keeping the deer away.  For now at least.
More yellow with a 'Connecticut Yankee' Oriental Lily...
and one lonely Meadow Rue blowing in the wind.  The Heliopolis flowers are just starting to open.

And so I leave you with this panoramic shot of that front area that I tore out in 2012, replanted, and blogged about.  I've posted pics of many of these plants already this year.

Have a great week and welcome to summer in my garden.


  1. You do put a lot of work into your garden Denise. Do you find it therapeutic? I know a lot of people do. Never been my thing although I love to see a beautiful garden.

    1. I used to joke when I was working that after a bad day I could go home and cut the grass and pretend that everyone who irritated me that day was getting their head chopped off. So, yes. Very therapeutic.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful. It looks like a park and i bet would be wonderful for wedding pictures. I always love seeing a garden and I liked working in it until the last couple of years when the pain was too much. The one thing-I am the kiss of death when it comes to plants-no green thumb just black. My hubby has taken over and everything is thriving

    1. Well, thank you, but I do not have a green thumb with everything. I have just learned to grow what I am good at growing.

  3. I love the Astilbe 'Rheinland.' Haven't heard of that plant before, but it is so pretty! Any idea what zone it is?

    1. Hardiness zones are 4-9. I have had it for years and our last two winters have not harmed it. What zone are you in?


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