Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mom,

I always suspected that I was adopted.  I think I am now convinced.  Why else would you treat me like this?  Certainly with the start of June just around the week-end, you could have handled the weather a little better?  Are you PMSing?  Is that the problem?  It was 83 degrees today, but then you dropped a boatload ocean full of water on us with more on the way.  The temperature is now 59 and headed into the 40's for tomorrow.  What's up with that?  Have you hooked up with the Grinch or Scrooge?  Geez...  

You suck, Mom.  That's the best I can do.  So long!

Last week on Friday my furnace stopped running.  I called the repair company, but since it was the holiday week-end I had to wait until this past Tuesday.  It was only 60 degrees on Saturday morning, though it warmed up considerably by Monday.

When the furnace guy showed on Tuesday, he wanted to know why I wasn't just waiting until the fall to have it serviced.  I said 'because I live in Michigan and you never know'.  And now I am guessing that he knows, too.  Brrr.

To all of you folks in Texas, you have my thoughts with you.  My son had a tree come down in the yard and he said he saw streets flooded in Austin for the first time.  Take care.


  1. The weather is certainly not being kind to us. I think you are right, Mother Nature is menopausing.

  2. You are right Mother Nature is in full menopause! She must be having a hot flash right now and we are suffering as a result.

    1. Maybe she should splash herself with some of this rain!


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