Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Excuses

I have no excuse for not blogging.  At least not an exciting one about some wild adventure.  Fact is, I have just been lazy about this one item.

I've been busy with my grandson and baby-proofing my home (that includes an open contemporary stairway), getting the yard ready for winter (the birch tree that got damaged by the ice storm has bit the dust for good), planning my Thanksgiving dinner (menu to follow), running numerous errands, trying to keep up with my favorite TV shows (thank goodness for On Demand viewing), and reading three books at the same time (which one can do during the numerous political ads that ran for the last two weeks).

I've had lots of 'stuff' that I could have written about, but as you can see, I just summed it up in one paragraph.  I decided to sit and write this morning as a result of a phone call I received last night.

It was 9:27 last night to be exact.  I mean, who calls me at that time?  The caller ID said cell phone.  But as much as I hate the robo-callers who hide their true identity, even they do not call that late.

So, out of curiosity, and despite the fact that I was watching the season finale of 'Doctor Who' (see On Demand comment above), I picked up the phone.  A male voice asked if this was Denise.  I asked who was calling.  He gave me his name and I thought maybe it was someone looking for someone I might know.  (Believe it or not, this actually happened to me one time when a bill collector was looking for someone.)

He then explained that he was in my high school class and the light dawned.  Yes, of course I remembered him, but since I had already skipped the reunion (and chided them in my blog that no one would miss me), I couldn't imagine why he was calling.

Well, in a very nice gesture, he was asking if I would like a picture from the 50th reunion.  With names identifying everyone.  Well, I couldn't pass that up and in exchange I sent him a picture from the 30th reunion.

Well, despite my biting remarks in my reunion post last month, there were a few folks in the picture I would have not minded seeing again.  One is a woman who I knew through all twelve years of schooling.  Another is a girl who beat me out for valedictorian (I was studying French and chemistry whilst she was practicing voice and typing).  One is a girl who never actually graduated with our class because she had to drop out due to a pregnancy.  And the girl who was a thorn in my side, egad she drove me crazy.  There were some I have no memory of in our class of about 250 (only 33 at the reunion).  I learned that about 40 classmates have already died, but only know the names of a few.

We had an interesting conversation and he said that there will be a reunion next May of the class along with the 1965 graduates.  I'd planned to be away that weekend, but maybe I'll alter my plans, or not.  Later this afternoon, I plan to go downstairs and dig out my senior yearbook so I can check out who some of these folks are.  Maybe pictures will help me place them.  Plus, I'm curious to see how they have changed.

1964 graduation

2014:  Grand Cascade at the Grand Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia


  1. Isn't that fascinating to coin Mr. Spock. This man calls you up and it is in regards to your reunion! No one would ever call me up-lol I don't know if you were in St. Petersburg at the time of the reunion but I would have still skipped the reunion to go travel. Funny how you are so active and seeing so much and others have already passed away. Life is to be treasured

    1. Very surprised at the call. Still wondering why he is so busy calling the folks who DIDN'T show up.

  2. That was very kind of him to call you up like that after so many years. Your post made me curious about some of the people from my 1984 graduating class. Not enough to attend a reunion though, LOL!

    1. Love it. Even though I would not have minded chatting with a few folks who were there, I also did not relish getting gussied up and driving across town for my two-minute 'chats' on the chance there was someone interesting to talk to.

  3. I mentioned before, I think, that we didn't have reunions in England, at least not when I lived there, and I went to so many schools, there would have been no point. It was nice of him to call you though.

    1. Well, it was nice of him 'cause I don't think I would have bothered. I guess it was because he was one of the Class Officers and a planner of the event.


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