Friday, October 10, 2014

Foodie Friday in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Food in Russia is not like food in America.  Apparently, they do not go for lots of green leafy vegetables and fruit.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed my chance to eat lots of meat pies, called piroshki.  We particularly enjoyed them in Saint Petersburg at a restaurant called Stolle.  They were so good at lunch that we bought some to take back to the hotel for a quick dinner before the ballet.  I may have taken a picture of them, but I cannot find it at the moment.

I also enjoyed a salad made with the creamiest feta cheese I ever tasted.  They used cabbage instead of lettuce.

A most wonderful dinner was had one night at a restaurant featuring French cuisine.  This was a stacked veal with mushrooms (best time to visit Russia is when mushrooms are in season, IMHO).

A filled plate from a Russian salad bar in a local diner does not look the same as one made here in the states.  We have cabbage, cabbage and more cabbage plus some Olivier salad, aka potato salad glammed up.

Lest one think that eating in Russia is all pelmenis and piroshkis, fear not, for American fast food can be found.  You don't even need to know the Russian alphabet to recognize a restaurant.

Craving some coffee?

Can't read the menu?

Not a problem.  They all speak English.

Need a quick lunch?  Take your pick.


  1. Some of the salads look good and I know they love their cabbage. I find it sad that these places are there but I wonder how many tourists are there and how many native Russians are in those places

    1. The only place we went to was Starbucks for coffee. Our city guide said that Russians were lined up for the Starbucks opening. I guess if you are used to eating calorie-laden meat pies, having a Bic Mac is no big deal.

  2. I knew people years ago who went to Russia and said the food was terrible. Dull and stodgy. I wouldn't want to go to any of the imports though. I prefer to eat the way the people of the country eat. I don't eat Big Macs anyway. Especially not since I heard about Pink Slime.

  3. Hello Denise. Denise here. I picked you up over at Jo's and I'm so glad I did. You sound much like me with the love of reading and travel and food. They all go together! I haven't been to Russia, so found this post completely enjoyable.

    1. Thanks for reading. I am trying to get back to blogging more often. With the arrival of cold weather, I just might accomplish it.


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