Friday, August 1, 2014

The One that Didn't Get Away

Last Monday I had to pay someone to remove a dead mouse that had crawled in through the dryer vent and managed to die in the dryer exhaust vent inside the house.  YUCK!!!!!  I was so hoping that the many hawks around here would have caught him first.

Just last week I saw this one sitting in the park for nearly an hour enjoying the view:

Yesterday two baby hawks were arguing over a branch in the birch tree out front.  Today I walked into my kitchen and saw a 'flash'.  At first I thought that some danged deer had managed to penetrate Fort Hammond.  Oh no, it was a hawk with lunch:

He moved from the bridge to the trellis:

I am thinking he has caught a baby possum.  That is perfectly fine with me.  I wonder if he fancies raccoon?

Whilst on the trellis he/she was communicating with another hawk in the spruce tree:

They both ended up flying off, but not before Mr. Hunter left his unfinished lunch on the trellis.  With every fly in a ten-mile radius descending, I threw the entrails over the fence.  They can come back and finish it up later on.


  1. Great pictures of these hawks!!! I love it even with the entrails hanging down (why am I think about haggis all of a sudden). It seems they will help with the mouse population but people better be careful with their pussy cats and little doggies

  2. Love the hawk pix. They are wonderful birds. My sin-law loves to paint pictures of raptors of all kinds. Not very nice of Mr. Hunter to leave you the remains.


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