Monday, July 14, 2014

The House that Smithy Built

I had the great pleasure yesterday of touring the Melvyn and Sara Smith house in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  What a treat.

The house is a Usonian home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  There are four of his homes in the Greater Detroit Metro area.

My thanks to the family for maintaining and keeping this house for people to enjoy.  The Smith's nephew and his wife were gracious hosts and had wonderful stories to tell about their aunt and uncle.  As they shared with us yesterday, I share my pictures with each of you.

Approaching the house from the street:

The view from the backyard.  The house sits on three acres and includes ownership of the pond.

The front of the house:

Nestled in the trees:

Take a seat:

Warm yourself by the fire:

Relax on the sun porch:

Bedrooms are for sleeping.  Just sleeping:

A Paul Evans credenza:

And all is Wright with the world.


  1. Nice!! I'd love to stay there for a week or two...

    1. The Palmer House in Ann Arbor is a FLW home that does allow visitors. There is room for six. Check it out online

  2. It's quite something, but I don't think I would want to live there. The grounds are gorgeous though.

    1. The nephew does not live there either. In fact, no one does. There is a foundation set up to run and maintain the home. It is just too cramped for me. I should have posted pictures of the 'postage stamp sized' kitchen.

  3. How beautiful! I love the credenza and the grounds are so wonderful and natural. Not digging the 2 beds though:) How nice of the people to let you see their home

    1. And two beds are all that fit in the room! But you can't argue with the overall design. The owners promised Mr. Wright that they would never hang drapes on the windows. Not a problem since no neighbors are within viewing distance. But they would wake up in the morning to see nose and hand prints on the large windows!


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