Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Number Two of A to Z Challenge

So this is my weekly wrap-up of what I didn't get around to saying this week:

1.  Baby vs baseball.  Really?  What planet do these men live on?  If you missed the hoopla over a future GREAT dad taking off opening day of baseball to be with his wife during delivery, maybe you should spare yourself from even clicking on the link and reading the asinine comments of some 'men'.  I would guess that these are the same idiots who think women should not breast-feed in public and that breasts are for ogling and their own personal gratification.  They are the real boobs of the world.  'Nuf said.  This gets my blood pressure up.

2.  Weight Watchers vs baby.  In all fairness, men do not have a lock on stupidity.  The local weight watchers here in Michigan is synonymous with a well-known West Bloomfield resident.  But they showed their complete delusion over healthy weight when they refused to hire a group leader because she was pregnant and over her goal weight.  They lost a lawsuit and had to pay.  They discriminated because of the pregnancy, which is a protected class under the law.  Duh!

3.  Barra under a bus?  Let me say that I am not one of those folks who sees conspiracy in everything that happens.  But, I admit that my very first thought when I heard that GM had covered up ignition problems was that Mary Barra had been given her promotion so that the good old boys could show that women cannot do the job.  Maybe I am wrong, but I think the timing and circumstances are highly suspect.  And its not just because I am a woman.

4.  Mother nature vs me.  Really?  Over 80 inches of snow with a chance of more this week?  What kind of PMS are you suffering from?  OTOH, the weather here is wonderful at the moment.  I even skipped yoga on Friday to work in the yard all day.  Or at least the yard area where I can actually walk without sinking into the mud.  I even put some pretty purple pansies in a container so I could look at something other than brown.  Unfortunately, by Saturday morning the chipmunks had not only eaten all of the flowers, they had dug a tunnel in the planter and ejected the plants.   Why did I ever laugh at 'Chip and Dale' cartoons.  Not funny!

Back here tomorrow with the Letter L.

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  1. Bummer about the plants. Enjoyed the cartoon though. As you know I just showed floral pix today. Being a minion I've gotta get on with some minioning later, in between coughs.


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