Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Lugano

Lugano, Switzerland was another place that never appeared on my bucket list.  But what a very pleasant surprise.

This was also part of day 4 of the trip.  Imagine being at the Matterhorn in the morning, traveling the Italian countryside and ending up here on the lake all in one day.  You can actually drive all the way across Switzerland, east to west, in less time than it would take me to drive from downstate Michigan to the Mackinaw Bridge.

I love walking and this certainly was a great place to walk around.  I left my hotel and in a few minutes I was on the shores of Lake Lugano in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland (pizza and gelato for dinner).  The Italian border is only five miles away.  What a view!  Even with the haze.

There is a wonderful walk all along the lake to the casino.  First, I stopped for the aforementioned gelato and cone in hand I took off.  I saw this beautiful building in the distance and wondered what it was.  Imagine my surprise when I got there and saw the golden arches (lower left corner).

Along the way there is wonderful sculpture in the Belvedere Sculpture Garden.  I saw one guy who looked just like George Washington.  And it was!  And of course, an abstract sculpture.

Another lake view:
Flowers and fountains:

And where else can you find a fresh fruit stand across the road from Cartier?

On my Bucket List:  Luxembourg


  1. Great pictures once again. This is a fantastic trip you went on. I particularly loved the fountain. Lac Lugano is great with the mountain in the background.

  2. How beautiful and a dream to live there. Yup those arches are everywhere-shame eh?

  3. Denise, you and I are long-lost sisters! I'm sure of it. I first brought my mom to Lugano about twenty years ago, when we stayed in Lucerne and I figured she could use a day of warm weather. We, like you, dined on pizza and gelato at an outdoor table. Four years ago, my husband and I spent two weeks, mostly just in Lugano (having traveled a lot through Switzerland on other trips). We stayed at the Hotel Walter and took one of the boats nearly every day, stopping at one of the many grottoes along the shore. Lugano has a very special place in my heart and I look forward to a return trip. Thank you for this post - you made my day!

    1. I would love to go back, but my bucket list is very long and keeps getting longer. The more places I see, the more I want to travel. I did an A to Z travel last year also.


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