Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is it Finally Spring?

Good question.  I checked my photos from last year and I took a picture of the daffodils on April 29.  So, I guess I shouldn't be complaining about a late spring.  But I am going to anyway.  I am still running my furnace everyday, have a blanket on the bed, it is too wet and windy outside, and I am just plain sick of this crappy weather.

When I was on the Township Board, we passed an ordinance that forbade any company to fertilize lawns before April 1.  As if.  Last Sunday I finally put down the crabgrass pre-emergent and fertilizer.  My lawn looks nice and green from afar, but when you get up close there is just tons of dead grass that is next to impossible to rake out.  And it is way too wet to be power-raked.  My neighbor was teasing me about the river running down the side yard.

I have been trimming the hydrangeas.  They looked to have survived nicely.  But every rose plant has had to be taken back to the ground, even my two Blaze climbers.  I am not sure either of them will make it.

Today I spread about 300 pounds of dirt.  Everyplace I had a puddle in the flower beds I dumped some dirt in it.  It is very easy to dig an edge if you don't mind looking like a five-year-old who has been playing in the mud.

I was on a roll working out there, but then the skies got dark and since they were forecasting storms I packed it up and came inside.  By the time I had cleaned myself up, the sun was back out and the rain has yet to appear.

But that is okay, because to tell the truth, after an hour of yoga and two hours of gardening I was ready to call it a day, even if it was only four in the afternoon.

So, I have some pics of the daffs, and a new peony.  The peony is a division from a plant that I did last fall.  Apparently it is happy because it already has buds.  Ah, spring, when a retiree's fancy turns to soil.


  1. We actually have some daffodils growing around our building, but I still wouldn't call it spring. Yesterday it rained, today it drizzled and is now thick fog. Yuk. Love your pix though.

  2. What pretty flowers! It has been yucky here too-rain, fog, damp. Our spring flowers are out and it is noce to see amidst all the glum from winter. I can't wait for the city's machine to come by and get rid of the direct on the street.

  3. Beautiful pics! My garden is a mess - the grass turned to mud over winter and is now covered in weeds. The good thing though, is that the bluebells are out - I guess that means I'll have to put off the weeding until they are done. ;-)


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