Thursday, February 20, 2014

A lot of Nonsense

A few days ago I was doing a New York Times crosswords with several clues of 'nonsense'.  The puzzle originally ran on January 14.  I have to admit that I relied a lot on the crosses to figure out all the words meaning 'nonsense'.  The answers in the puzzle included:

bilge, rot, tripe, jive, jazz, hokum, prattle, twaddle, hot air, blather, hogwash, hooey, tosh, bunk, and bushwa

I got a treat doing this, especially since I had written a post in January about the nonsense that some folks write in their blogs (including yours truly at times) and send in forwarded emails.  

One blogger on the Rexwordpuzzle site added some more words meaning 'nonsense', thereby saving me the trouble of looking them up.  Who knew there were so many ways to say basically nothing?

applesauce, balderdash, balls, baloney, bollocks, bosh, bull, bullshit, buncombe, bunkum,
cobblers, double dutch, drivel, eyewash, fiddle faddle, garbage, gibberish, gobbledygook,
guff, horse feathers, jabberwocky, malarkey, moonshine, mumbo jumbo, pants, pap, 
piffle, poppycock, rhubarb, rubbish, tomfoolery, tommyrot, trash, and waffle


  1. That person must have been English. Three of those words are the English slang for male genitalia.

    Never done a crossword like that, sounds fun. Never heard of bushw

  2. Male genitalia? Really? I had no idea. Bushwa was the hardest one for me to get.

  3. Balls, bollocks and cobblers are the three English ones.

  4. I saw another word for nonsense in a xword today - claptrap

  5. Forgot that one, tosh is another.


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