Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Going up in Smoke

OK.  I know that some of you out there are just as old as I am.  Remember when every bar and restaurant had bowls of matches at the door when you entered?  (Now they have bowls of mints)

I used to collect the matchbooks even though I never smoked.  They were a nice reminder of where I had been.  I had a rather large collection.  But long ago our basement flooded and the shoebox, which had been on the floor for some reason and not on a shelf, got a little soggy.

I still have a basket of a few that remain on the bar in my family room.  I never use them since if I need a match I use one of those firestarter clicky things.  Besides, there is no chance I will burn my finger waiting for a candle wick to light.

But I did decide to sort through them and take a picture of what is left.  I'm wondering how many of these places have been visited by my readers.


  1. Certainly La Tour Eiffel. Don't really recognise any of the other names. I don't remember going into bars with matches, maybe it was predominantly in the States.

    1. Modavie and XIX Siecle are both in Montreal. Don't remember when I picked them up.


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