Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nuts and Turkeys in the News

I learned from reading the news this morning that eating nuts will lower my chances of dying from heart disease or cancer.  I also learned that Butterball is having trouble with its turkeys gaining enough weight in time for Thanksgiving.  It seems there is an opportunity here for those of us who love nuts and don't want to gain weight eating them.

I suggest that these folks join forces and figure out what is going on.  If these turkeys are producing something that prevents weight gain, someone needs to figure out what it is.  And then maybe they can package it with the nuts I love.

I am not particularly fussy about what kind of nut I eat, although I think pecans, or perhaps cashews, maybe almonds are my favorite.  I remember my son was home from Texas and I prepared one of my favorite dinners, pasta with gorgonzola sauce and walnuts.  He said he had never had pasta with nuts before.  Well, there is a first time for everything.

The problem with nuts are they are high in fat.  Good fat, but still fat.  And they use up lots of points on Weight Watchers.   I have found that it is best for me not to keep them in the house.

But, if they could figure out why those turkeys are not getting fat, I could extend my life span AND eat lots of nuts.  Well, it is good to dream.  I have a feeling that what is going on is not as simple as throwing nuts into all of my recipes.

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  1. I bought some chestnuts today. Had just a few. Delicious.


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