Saturday, November 30, 2013

My One-in-a-Million Chance. Again.

Just last week I was complaining about my phone going out and Comcast telling me it was a rare occurrence.  So, now, I have another rare happening.

A few weeks ago I bought a new artificial Christmas tree.  I needed something narrower and I wanted something pre-lit.  The last time I purchased a narrower tree (though still too large for a house full of furniture) I did not buy a pre-lit tree.  I figured I already had lights.  But now that those lights were problematic, I decided to kill two deer with one arrow and purchase a pre-lit narrow tree.

Yesterday I decided to put it up and enjoy for more than one week at Christmas time.  Following the directions to make sure that each section would light, I did exactly that.  Except that the first section only lit up on one side.

I went through the entire procedure for trouble-shooting the problem before carting it off to the local store.  The technician spent about 45 minutes fussing with it, doing everything I had already done, only to admit that he was as stumped as I was.  I suggested that the only thing left was a cut wire.  He assured me that that was very unlikely. 

Unable to proceed further, I left the tree and he said he would try to get someone else to figure it out this morning.  And so, shortly after opening time for the store, I received a phone call and was told that the tree was fixed. 

Guess what the problem was.  A cut line.

This could only happen to me. 

Now that it is up, I just have to decorate it.  But I have had enough excitement for a few days.

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