Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Healthy as a Horse? or Strong as Bull?

I had my annual physical this morning.  I am as 'healthy as a horse'.  Later, I went to yoga class and my instructor said I was 'strong like bull'.  Sorry for all the animal references, but that seemed to be the theme for the day.

We are kicking the kidney meds to the curb and I will see what happens.  Hopefully, I will not again experience a gigantic kidney stone that shuts down a kidney as happened in 2004.  My blood pressure was 108/60 this morning and I have been off the meds for eleven days.  So, it is most likely that my BP just dropped too low again (once it was measured at 90/60).

Other than my persistently high cholesterol (genetic I am sure), I am just fine.  Actually, I am in better shape now, than I was four years ago.  So, healthy as a horse, just in case I need to pull a plow.

Which is also what bulls do, I guess.  I had a sorority sister who used to say she was 'good Polish girl, strong like bull, pull plow in fields.'  Whatever. I laughed when my yoga instructor used the 'strong like bull' term in class.

On Monday we had a Vinyasa yoga class that kept us moving.  It was a little more challenging than our usual class.  Today she had us move from a deep lunge into side angle pose, triangle pose and then half moon.  I was hoping she would forget that we had two sides of our bodies to work on.  I don't like to sweat in class.

I am thinking that I should book an individual class and bring my camera.  Then I can post pictures of my own sweaty body doing the poses.  For now, I'll be content with linking to others and be happy knowing that part of the reason I am so calm is due to yoga class.  Namaste.

 Half-Moon Pose  (with instructions)


  1. I have been hearing reports lately that cholesterol isn't the big bugaboo it has been considered for years. Doesn't seem to have filtered down to the doctors yet though.

    Glad you are strong like bull.

  2. Great to hear all is well :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. Always good to have good health news. I've been thinking about adding yoga to my schedule and your post may just push me over the edge. Have a good weekend.


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