Friday, June 28, 2013

It Rained - and then it Rained Some More....

First it rained.  And then it rained some more.  And then it really rained.  It was so dark here yesterday at 5:30 P.M. that I had to turn lights on just to walk down a hallway.

Last night at 10 P.M. I was outside with my submersible pump cleaning out window wells that filled with water.  The temperature had dropped so much I had to put a jacket on.  The garden is drenched and the dry river bed in back, well, let's just say it looks more like a pond.

More rain is predicted for today.  I don't know when I will be able to actually get into the garden beds.  If flowers are not along a walkway, it is just too messy to try to get a picture.

The first daylily to open (other than Stella De Oro) is 'Happy Returns', a nice soft yellow. 

All of the astilbe are blooming and this double pink is a favorite:
Astilbes on Parade
Something has chewed off some hosta blooms and then left them on the ground.  I am suspecting it's the same rabbit that was chewing up the fern and then leaving it.  Rabbit stew anyone?  I have visions of myself dressed as Elmer Fudd.

Here is Frances Williams:

I wish I could share 'scent' with you, as the Little Leaf Lindens have opened and the fragrance is wonderful.  Last year the sudden warm up and then late frost killed all the flowers.  This year it has certainly made up for it.  Here is part of the crown on one of the trees:

Hope you are getting ready for a great weekend.


  1. We are still hot and humid with showers popping in all throughout the afternoon. The ground stays wet and it isn't much fun but I have a little cardinal hanging out in my trees and I am enjoying watching it :)

    Oh, I have wanted to be Elmer Fudd a few times lol.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  2. Just don't forget to be vewy vewy quiet when you're hunting that waskily wabbit!


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