Sunday, April 7, 2013

What a Ride

I had no idea the A to Z Challenge would be such a challenge.  For my neck. 

I have disc compression in my neck, so I try not to spend too much time at the computer.  Usually, I can sit here and whip off a few hundred words and post.  With the challenge, I have spent more time googling information, scanning in pictures or finding them online, and concentrating on being interesting. 

Some days my shoulder, where I tend to feel the pain, is not happy.  But I am.  I am having so much fun doing this.  I am revisiting places I haven't thought about in years.

This morning I received a copy of my very old travel slides converted to DVD.  They are not great, but considering they were taken mostly with a cheap camera in the 60's, have faded, and seem to be off-kilter, they work just fine when it comes to 'remembering when'.

It warmed up here overnight, but it is very windy and rain is on the way.  So, no yard work yet.  But I am having fun watching the birds, ducks and rabbits running around the yard.

A few days ago there was a robin orgy in the side garden.  I don't remember ever seeing this many birds before.  I am sure we will have lots of nests.  Speaking of which, I shooed a pair of Mallard ducks out of the front shrubbery.  They have tried to make nests in there before and it is not a good place.  It is right in the area where I know the raccoons wander through at night.

This morning the bunnies were running around in the front when I went to get my newspaper out of the box.  There were all sorts of folks buying pansies yesterday at the local garden center.  I think of them as rabbit food and have decided to forgo them this year.

And the Cooper's Hawks have been flying high.  I hope they are hungry because I can see all sorts of small rodent damage in my backyard.  The hawks are a welcome sight around here.  I am posting a picture from last year when they were lunching in my backyard.

Have a great Sunday.  I'll see you tomorrow with the letter 'G'.

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  1. You are right. There is a lot of sitting required in this challenge. Fortunately, I've been alternating with standing on my feet - lots of baking recently.


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