Saturday, February 9, 2013

Women do it Better

Why is it that some men act like women know absolutely nothing about anything?

More than ten years ago I bought a fainting couch for my office.  I had my computer in there and a television.  It was an oasis away from the family room where my youngest son, who was still at home, watched mostly sports.

I'd lie on the couch and watch TV or read.  Or nap.  Whatever.

Years went by and my son moved out, leaving me an empty-nester.  I turned his room into the guest room, and eventually found that I rarely spent any time on the couch in the new office.

A few years later, the two rooms were switched, but the couch remained in what was now the new guest room.  The reason was simple: it was too difficult to move.

The doorway into the room is only 30 inches.  At its highest point, the couch is 32 inches.  When the delivery men came to my home originally, they had a heck of a time trying to get it into the room.

I suggested that they should remove the door, at the very least.  After trying to move it into the room to no avail, off came the door from its hinges.  DUH!  Then I suggested that they turn it on end and maneuver it through.  They explained that it wouldn't work and that they were the experts.

Experts my eye, as they scratched the door moldings.  After about 30 minutes of them shoving and pushing, it was now in the room.  And there it has been.

Having purchased new chairs for the family room last fall, I now had a serviceable club chair that looked out of place in the living room.  So, when a friend called a couple of weeks ago and said that her daughter was visiting and did I need help with anything, I said 'yes'.

They came over.  We removed the door.  We turned the couch on end and after about five minutes and a little maneuvering, it was in the living room.  I wish I had taken a video of these so-called 'furniture movers'.

The fainting couch is in the living room:

And the club chair is in the guest room:

And women really can do it better!

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