Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book Review Update - Spoiler Alert!!!!

If you are actually going to read the book mentioned in the previous post, do not read this!

So, the title is 'The Bone Bed'.  The author actually gets around to discussing any essential murder information about the 'bone bed' murder on page 408.  She finishes the discussion on page 427.

And somehow the editors of this book thought the title was indicative of the story?  Did this book have any editors?

THEN, we discover that the killer is a guy we first meet near the end of the book (or at least I don't remember him before his appearance very late in the book, maybe I was sleeping).  WTF?????  Where did he come from?

So much for trying to figure out what is going on and who the perp is.  This may be the last book I read in this series.  I do not need the aggravation.

I would be interested in comments from anyone who thought this was a good novel.

A few years ago I went to a book review of 'The Story of Edgar Sawtelle'.  The book got rave reviews.  I stuck with it and was so angry when I finished it I would have torn the book apart, but I had borrowed it from the library.  What a waste of a good week.  There was one other woman in the room who hated it as much as I did.  Everyone else was completely enthralled.  I was told it was a modern day version of 'Hamlet'.  To me it was just a waste of my time.  And time is precious.

I think I need to stick more closely to my 50 page rule, no matter how many books in a series I have read.

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  1. I did not like how Scarpetta allowed "Doug" to intimidate her with an interrigation (outside of a courtroom as well as within) with questions that any normal human being would refuse to answer. With so many questions having nothing to do with the trial in question I would have exercised my 5th ammendment rights just as soon as the questioning starting going down the wrong path.That really angered me. Later one shile diong a walk through of the crime scene, more unacceptable questioning occurred which I would have refused to answer. I do not know why the author allowed this buse of the character.


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