Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Woman's Prerogative

'I changed my mind'.  That is a woman's prerogative - to change her mind.  Especially when it comes to rearranging the furniture.

I know that we have all seen TV shows with some poor schmuck moving the sofa from one wall to the other.  In my defense, in the 40 years I have lived in my home, the sofa in the living room has only occupied two positions - where it  currently sits and in front of the window.  And yesterday, it did not get moved.

What did move was the china cabinet.  This used to be in the dining room.  And when the family was just six folks with no children, there was room.  But when dinners started getting larger, it was a tight fit.  So, the cabinet got moved to the living room.  And there it sat.

But, I spend a lot of time watching HGTV.  They are always rearranging homes for what they call 'staging'.  Now, it amazes me how they can put $10,000 into fixing up a home and staging it and suddenly get $25,000 more on resale.  I mean, let's face it, the buyers get the improvements that were made, but they don't get the furniture.  How much are they paying for that new paint job?

Anyway, I had purchased new chairs for the family room, replacing one big club chair that was in there.  The chair got moved to the living room.  I was going to recover the club chair until it proved that it was more expensive than buying a new one.  For now it will sit in there as is.

But, I wanted to make the sitting area more cozy, so I decided to move the china cabinet to a different wall.  I emptied it out and started cleaning it.  I called a neighbor to see when her daughter was visiting again so she could help me move it.  As luck would have it, there were there when I called.  So, cabinet moved.  Furniture moved.  And, voila!  Suddenly the room looks twice as large, even with the big chair.

Now, I highly doubt that the value of the home increased.  But the room does look bigger.  Here is before and after:

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