Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All Things Baseball

Detroit is a sports town.  Doesn't matter what the sport is, it seems everybody is following everything. 

I follow nothing.  I think I just outgrew my interest in sports.  I was an avid baseball fan up until the strike in 1994-95.  I've only attended a few games since that time.

If I was told I could win a million dollars if I could name the starting line-up of the Detroit Tigers, I would lose.  I can name Verlander, Fielder and Cabrera.  Beyond that I am hopeless.  But I sit and keep my mouth shut about my lack of knowledge and enthusiasm.

I was recently at a meeting that was delayed by 45 minutes while we waited for the game to end (they won).  Yesterday at a luncheon downtown, everyone wanted to now if folks were staying down for the game last night (they won).  A neighbor asked if she could have my newspaper with a full page photo of Cabrera.  I never even saw it.  I almost never read anything on the sports pages.

All of this may make someone wonder why I just read the book 'Calico Joe' by John Grisham.  Well, I really enjoyed it.  It takes place in 1973 and I actually recognized the names of the players and coaches from that time.  A time when I followed all the teams. 

My sons grew up following baseball, but there were no great successes in Little League play.  I took them to games whenever we had the chance to go.  My oldest son was a big fan of Nolan Ryan.  When he was in High School he did a pen and ink drawing of the cover of Sports Illustrated with his face in place of Ryan's.  He took Third Place in an art contest held by the House of Representatives.  I have the drawing hanging here in my office.

I'll keep hoping the Tigers make it to the World Series this year, but I won't be out watching the games with friends if they do.  I have more in my life than sitting and watching sports.

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