Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The End of Nails as I Knew Them

It is only April 4 and my yard clean-up is done for the year.  I cannot believe it right up until I look at my hands.

I have broken five of my ten fingernails.  If my fingernails were teeth, I'd look like a hockey player who played without a mouth guard.  Yechhh!

On Monday, my gardener came and we worked for five hours cleaning and cutting outside.  I didn't even start to feel tired until after four hours, which is a huge improvement over my former gardening abilities.  And I only broke one nail.

Today, in three hours time I managed to break four nails.  About every other one is broken, which means I should probably just cut and file back the others.  But who knows?  Maybe I can break the rest doing the prep work for Easter dinner tomorrow.

I love to see gardening ads with a woman who is immaculate, well-coiffed, wearing her garden gloves with her little garden basket next to her and kneeling on a garden bench tending the garden.  Who is she?  Where is she?

Me?  I'd take a self-portrait of myself when I came in today, but you might think I was dressed for Halloween.  I don't think I'll be in any garden ads anytime soon. 

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