Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Car Follow-up

I posted the blog about my Buick and old people driving them on Sunday.  On Monday I read my newspaper and there was an article about the new age of Buick drivers.  It's gone down by six years.  All the way to 59.  Well, it's a start.

Then on Tuesday night I was watching a 2004 rerun of the BBC's 'Top Gear'.  Richard Hammond (no relation) had gone to Holland to test drive a Cadillac CTS (not available in Britain).  He commented that the average age of Cadillac drivers is 112.  Ha Ha.  Well, at least us Buick drivers are younger than those Cadillac drivers.

And speaking of driving.  Google has been touting the self-driving car at the SAE convention here in Detroit.  Well, how could it be any worse than the drivers I see around town?  Twice in the past two weeks I have had a car cut across the front of my car in the roundabout because they found themselves in the wrong lane.  Do they have a death wish?  And then there was the car coming down the two-lane road I was on in my lane coming right toward me.  What was he thinking?  Or not. 

If we are not going to have good public transportation, then maybe we should all have self-driving cars.  I think I'd feel safer.

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