Thursday, February 16, 2012

Detroit - The Comeback City?

I do not subscribe to a lot of magazines.  I get several because I contribute to organizations that publish one.  I am a faithful reader of Bon Appetit, but am liking the app on my Kindle more and more.  I also get the National Geographic Traveler so I can dream.

Imagine my surprise this month when I started reading the latest issue and saw pictures of Detroit.  I looked back at the cover and saw the headline 'Cuba', but there in the corner is America's Surprise Comeback City:

Detroit.  Really?  In National Geographic?  Wow.

Turns out it is a very good article.  Having spent thirteen years of my life working in downtown Detroit, I enjoy reading about places I know well. 

And how did I not know that Mies van der Rohe had designed the Lafayette Towers that I passed every day?  I always thought that when I retired I would move back to the city and these were certainly worth considering.

While I still remember watching my cousin's honeymoon videos of Cuba (circa 1955) and was looking forward to reading about travel there, that feature article definitely placed second to the one about Detroit.  Pick up the magazine and see for yourself.

Interior of the Guardian Building

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