Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bambi and Mama, Please Go Away

Today was my day to volunteer at the hospital.  I was running late, so I did not make my bed before I left the house.  I decided to go in and make it a few minutes ago.  Imagine my surprise when I saw Bambi lolling behind my bedroom window. 

There she is lying in the walkway under the spruce tree.  I took a few more pictures and then went to open the blind on the other window.  And there was mama lying on the side under the sweet gum tree.

When I opened the door wall to go out, she jumped up.  Bambi followed suit. 

Bambi on the left behind the tree.

They have managed to knock over the arbor in front.  So, I put that back in the ground when I got home today.  They also jumped right through the deer fencing in back.  I am not sure going out there and replacing it at this point is worthwhile.  They will just come in another way.

Do I really want a six-foot fence all around my yard?  Was Robert Frost correct?  Stay tuned.

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