Saturday, July 23, 2011

Walking the Dog

Now that I am at home all day, or at least most days, I can see what goes on in my neighborhood.  Most noticeable are the speeding cars who cut through to avoid the light at Farmington and Walnut Lake Roads.  Some mornings it is like the Indy 500.

The other thing I notice is the number of folks walking their dogs, or rather, the number of dogs out walking their owners.  With the exception of just a couple folks, most of these people allow their dogs to roam where ever they like on one of those long leads that pulls out. 

One guy walks while texting.  He has no idea where his dog is going.  Or for that matter, he is not even paying attention to where he is going.  I expect to see him lying on the pavement one day after tripping over something in the road.

Another woman walks what looks like three over-sized rats.  I am sure they are some special breed.  All three wander in different directions.  One in front, one to the side, one lagging back.  I am amazed that she doesn't end up tangled in the leads.

The worst offenders are the ones who let their dogs wander into the yards to do their business and then don't bother to clean up after them.  There is nothing like walking through your yard and finding a pile of dog poop.  Since I have yet to catch those culprits, I have to think they are out very early or very late.

Then there is the person who walks the dog and allows him to stop at every mailbox and plant in the entire neighborhood.  I have no patience with these folks.  Looking out my front window one morning, I saw a woman at the mailbox allowing her dog to go on my flowers.  I opened the window and asked her to remove her dog.  She asked me where was she supposed to take him to go to the bathroom.  DUH!  I asked her if she had a yard of her own!

Mind you, I have owned three dogs while I have been living here.  When out for a walk I never allowed them to go on someone else's property.  Two of them were male dogs who I am sure would love to have sprayed every yard to mark their territory.  Not a chance.

So, the other day I am at a neighbor's home when this dog is out walking the owner.  Same dog as the one I told the woman to remove from my yard.  Now it is the husband walking the dog.  The dog is stopping at every mailbox and street planting and spraying same.

I say to the neighbors that I do not know why some people think anyone wants their dog 'pee' all over their yard.  The guy hears me and stops and asks where he is supposed to take his dog.  Again I ask if he has a yard.  He calls me a 'bitch'.  He then calls me a 'fat bitch'.

Now, I have been called a 'bitch' by many folks including a former mayor of the City of Detroit.  I prefer to think of myself as 'The Bitch', thank you.  (Another neighbor told me that his mother has claimed the title 'Ms Bitch'.) 

The guy continues to walk the dog down the street, stopping at every mailbox and tree.  Last night, the wife is out with the dog.  I watch her come down the street with dog at every, well you know what I mean.  So, I stood out there waiting for her to approach my property.  She crossed to the other side of the road.  My neighbor told me what house she lives in and I drove by yesterday.  Another unkempt yard.  Perfect place for doggie doo.

I found a website with information about how to walk the dog.  Actually, it has some great info about dogs.  I am guessing that none of these folks I talked about have ever looked at it.  Ever watch the Westminster Dog Show on TV?  Ever see a dog spraying the trophies?  I think not. 

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