Thursday, April 21, 2011

Show me the Money?

This blog is ad free.  No commercial interruption.  My reason is simply that I do not think I would generate enough income to make up for the ugliness of ads on the web page.

OTOH, I could ask you for donations.  Yes, donations.  If you think I am crazy, consider this link.  I enjoy Rex Parker's site.  Sometimes the answer to a NYT crossword clue is obscure even after I fill it in.  Then I go to Rex's site and get an explanation.  In truth, sometimes I am still shaking my head and then two hours later I have an 'AHA' moment.

But I have noticed that Rex asks for donations.  No, I have never sent money.  I figure that these blogs are done of our own free will and our expense is our time.  If we don't want to write, then we don't.  Plus, it's not like it's a job that we have to do.

I always thought that asking for donations was a rare thing.  But this morning, while googling 'recall snyder', I found other sites asking for donations. 

Well, you can pay me to do this, but I am not asking anyone to do so.  It just seems like blogging and asking for money to do so is the new version of the guy with the sign and the cup on the street corner.  And I'm sure he'd give you his opinion if you asked. 

I figure there's a sucker born every minute.  Maybe that is why these folks ask you to send them money for reading their thoughts.  At least Rex is giving me some useful help.  I might just send him a buck.

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