Monday, March 28, 2011


I logged on to the internet his morning to get my email and before I got to my account I saw a headline about Katie Couric's colonoscopy.  No, that is not a misprint. 

I know from watching the Today show many years ago that Ms. Couric's husband died from colon cancer.  He was young and with a family and that is very sad.  I also remember Katie promoting early detection and if memory serves me correctly there was on on-air colonoscopy event.

For me, personally, this is 'too much information'.  TMI.  I'll settle for discussion of procedures and why it is important, but do I really need to know what they found in her colon?  This is the headline:

What We Found in Katie Couric.  The results of her colonoscopy were ...wild. 

It is accompanied by a picture of her in a hospital bed.  I did not click on the video, so you are on your own if you are interested.

So much for 'tell-ALL' books about actors and their families that used to mean the juicy scandals.  Now it includes the real 'inside' story.

If memory serves me correctly, I am due for a colonoscopy this year.  I promise to spare you any and all details.  It's just TMI.

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