Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tax Time is When?

I do my own taxes.  I always have.  They are not that complicated, with the exception of one year a long time ago when I sold some stock and had to report a long history of buy and sell prices.  Anyway, now with TurboTax even a cave man can do it.

So, at the end of January I was still missing some info I needed.  My broker had informed me that it would be another two weeks before I had my statement in the mail, but that I could download it sooner online.  I actually knew exactly what would be on it, but still wanted the copy for my records. 

Eventually, I thought I had everything and then yesterday I received a notice from my bank telling me that what they sent me was incorrect.  They also informed me that what they reported on my statements during the year was incorrect, so don't use that figure.  Another two weeks and I should have a corrected statement.

I think I am just going to start entering my information.  I'll fill in the blanks before the due date.  Hopefully, I won't be one of those people running to the post office to drop it off in time. 

Hey, it's my refund and I need it now.

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