Sunday, March 27, 2011

So Much Work

Someone asked me the other day what my blog was about.  I guess it is about everything and nothing.  I spent a good deal of time today rearranging blog elements.  Actually, the blog is about a lot of time spent trying to make it interesting and attractive. 

I used to have a website.  I must say that writing a blog is much easier than maintaining the site.  The site, which was used for township business before the township set up their own website, had to be kept current.  A blog just rolls along with the old stuff still there.

But it takes a lot of time to write.  And there are so many choices for templates, colors, fonts, gadgets.  It's like another job.  'Cept I don't get paid.  Oh, I know I could 'monetize' the site.  But I hardly have enough readers to make it worthwhile.  Besides, when I check my blog traffic, I am curious as to what anyone in the United Arab Emirates, Russia, or Columbia find of interest, let alone would want to purchase.

To anyone who thinks they would be bored in retirement, I suggest they start blogging about it.  Then at holiday time, instead of those cutesy cards about their year, they can have their blog printed up into book form and given as gifts.  Won't my kids love that next Christmas!

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