Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Conspiracy Theory

Last fall I found a TV show that I really enjoyed watching.  It got my brain going with all of its intrigues.  It was smart, innovative, and original.  Alas, it is no more.

The show was RUBICON on AMC.  It was praised by many critics.  It was an intelligent drama.  Oops.  There are two words to kill a program: 'intelligent drama'.  Heaven forbid we cause anyone to have to think too hard.

Sometimes I  think I must be the last person left on earth who can say she has never seen, 'Dancing with the Stars', 'American Idol', 'The Great Race', or 'Two and a Half Men'.  This is what appeals to the average viewer.  Mindless drivel, IMHO. 

So, with the demise of RUBICON I have come up with my own conspiracy theory.  My thinking is that there are forces in this country that did not like how intelligence gathering and its agency employees were portrayed.   There were some not so nice folks in the series who would go to any lengths to protect their own interests.   I'm probably wrong and it was just poor ratings that cancelled the show.  But I like my theory better.  I'd rather not think that Americans prefer drivel.

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  1. I really liked it too. I also like Jack and Bobby (written by Brad Meltzer) on the WB, which also was cancelled. It was intelligently written as well.


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