Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How is this fair?

I've snow-plowed-blowered-shoveled (whatever) my driveway today on two separate occasions.    I went out at 8:30 this morning to get the accumulation from last night.  About four inches of snow on the long part of the drive where it is wide open.  About 18 inches in front of the garage door where the snow blew over the roof and landed.  So much for the benefits of an L-shaped drive and side entrance garage.  Yuck.  Twice as much to plow and more aggravation

But I digress.  I cleaned the entire area in front of the street area making sure I did not blow into the street, but rather into the mailbox and side yard.  I cleaned in front of the mailbox.

No sooner had I finished than the snow started again.  I kept checking Doppler radar to watch the snow clouds move across the area.  In the meantime, the company that plows our subdivision came through and made a couple of passes down the middle of the street.

So, with the snow stopped and only the wind to deal with, I bundled up and headed out for the second round.  When I got to the street, I am sure you can guess what I encountered.  The plowing company had piled snow a good three feet by two feet in front of the mailbox and in the end of my driveway.  (Actually an improvement over one incident last year where it was four feet high!  A neighbor came and helped me clear it out.)

I have had some rather nasty discussions in the past with the men who plow our sub.  When I asked them not to cover up my drive after it had already been cleaned, they actually said I needed to hire their company to do my driveway, otherwise they just plow it into my drive.  Is that not what is called 'Blackmail?'  Do it or else?

Anyway, my point is that the County says it is illegal for me to push my snow into the street.  Then why is it legal for a plowing company to push the snow into my clean driveway and block access by the mailman to my mailbox?  Just asking.

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