Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Was it Really THAT Important?

I survived the first snow storm of the winter.  Well, late fall actually, since it is not officially winter yet.  I did not leave my home Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday. 

My Monday appointment was cancelled.  Even if they hadn't beat me to the phone, I would have called and cancelled the meeting myself.  I had no need to leave my home.  Sunday was my son's birthday, but we postponed his coming over for dinner until last night.  No sense taking chances.

What amazes me is that there are other folks out there who are retired, as I am, and somehow seem compelled to go out in the bad weather.  What could possibly be so important?

Church on Sunday?  What is the worst that can happen if you don't show up?  On Monday?  They are retired so it's not like their boss insists they come to work.  And if you need a cup of sugar, or coffee, I'll bet there is at least one neighbor willing to accommodate you.

No, these people go out on the roadway as though they were baptized with the US Postal Service creed. You know, 'Neither rain, nor snow...'.  I don't get it. 

It has to be a life-threatening emergency to get me out in bad weather.  While I did blow the snow off my driveway, I did it in three separate trips to make the going easier.  When I see these snows cover the drive, I always remember the words of my godfather when he was asked if he was going to clean the snow off the driveway.  "God put it there, let God take it away". 

If it didn't hamper my getting to the mailbox, I'd take his advice and wait till Spring.

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  1. It's about 13 degrees outside this morning. Cold? Certainly. But beautifuly white with snow and ice. A great morning for a walk. Bill


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