Friday, November 12, 2010

Go Figure

I have started to plan my Thanksgiving dinner.  After 30 some years of cooking, I stopped making the old stand-bys and have tried new material.  The only stumbling block I had this year was on deciding what green vegetable to make.

I sent out an email to family members asking them to rank five choices in order of preference.  I was very surprised by the results.  Placing 'dead last' was broccoli.  And I mean DEAD last.  The voting was so lopsided I will likely never serve this to my family again.  One voter said he could move it to first place only if it was in a bowl swimming in melted cheese.

Next on the 'do not eat' list was green beans.  And I must have a gazillion different recipes for making them.  They're so easy to fix too.  Oh well.

In third place, smack dab in the middle, is Brussel sprouts.  That will be on the table since there is a tie for first.  I'll get to that solution in a minute.

For the Brussel sprouts I am going to carmelize them in the oven along with shallots and pancetta.  The oven will be on anyway for Mr. Turkey so they can share space.

In first place, in a tie, are Spinach and green salad.  So, to accommodate that situation I will do a spinach salad.  I'm still debating on the composition of same, but I've got time.

Maybe the results of the vote are just a reflection that green vegetables don't top anyone's list of favorite Thanksgiving foods.  And I sure hope no one wants stuffing or pumpkin pie, cause they are not on the list this year.  More on the menu later.

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