Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things you see on the internet

I do not usually spend a lot of time just surfing the internet.  But while checking my email this afternoon, an ad caught my eye.  It is an advertisement for how to grow long, lush hair.  Supposedly an Asian secret.  The model is blonde.  How many blonde Asians do you know?

It got me to wondering what else is out there in recent news, as I'm sure we've all seen some pretty crazy stuff in the news.  So, in about ten minutes, I found this:

Two homeless dogs got married in the Ukraine:  Homeless dogs Lelya, left, and Hatiko pose during their wedding ceremony in Kiev, Ukraine, Friday, Aug.6, 2010. The ceremony was organized by Ukraine's first ever dogs' wedding agency to attract public attention toward homeless animals.  Even I can't make this stuff up.

Then there is the guy who has been training two cocks to do what?  The picture shows two cocks fighting for a ball during a soccer match in Shenyang, northeast China. The "referee", Zhang Lijun, has been training the birds since 2007.

Not to be outdone by foreign countries, a Nebraska cable TV network ponied up $266,500 for Roy Rogers' stuffed and mounted horse, Trigger, at an auction at Christie's in New York City on July 14.

All of this gives new meaning to 'slow news day'. 

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