Thursday, August 26, 2010

Making the 'Best Dressed' List

Back in the early 90's, our local newspaper, now defunct, did a story on what the Township Board members wore to a meeting.  Really, on the society page.  I do not make this stuff up.  I wondered at the time who really thought this was newsworthy.

Well, I guess I was just out of touch.  It seems to be important in decision making.

According to an online survey by Huffington Post, our Governor ranks among the most stylish female politicians.  OK.  Some folks like this survey stuff and even I participate on occasion. 

But the most astonishing thing about the survey indicates the following:

1. 55% believe that style is as important as substance in the success of a politician.  And,

2. 40% would choose the better dressed candidate.

Is it any wonder we find ourselves in the economic and political mess we are experiencing?  But this is not new.

Growing up in a Democratic family, I remember classmates from Republican families, ridiculing Adlai Stevenson.  An egghead they called him, though I guess the term today is 'nerd' and that is 'in'.  And what was wrong with being smart, I wondered?  Why was I teased for having good grades?

I am sure charisma had as much to do with Kennedy defeating Nixon as did political party and policy.  And such a nice family.  As though we were going to have tea with them.

I will never forget the person who told me that they voted for me in an election because I had a nice smile.  That, and four bucks, will get me a latte at Caribou.  Or tea.

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  1. It's almost seems instinctual to make snap judgements about others based entirely on their appearance, sadly we do it every day.


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