Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank you Mother Nature

For all the years that I have lived in my home, I have set a goal of finishing any garden projects by Memorial Day.  The original May 30th date.  Last year with the spring rains, that did not work out too well.  As a matter of fact, other than cutting down two large bushes in the yard, not much got done. I had a new front porch put in, but since it was contracted out, it doesn't count.

This year I had two projects planned.  The removal of grass in the front yard for a new sitting area and a dry river bed for the back to handle the water from my sump pump.

First, the front yard.  Done a couple of weeks ago, the plantings are now all in.  TADA.

And as an indication of how I spend my time there:

Then there was the back yard problem.  My sump pump runs a lot.  When our foundation was dug in 1972, it sat full of water for several weeks.  When my sons dug a hole to put up their basketball hoop, they hit water at about 2 feet down.  If some state representative wants to pass a law to have the state take ownership of all ground water, I say come get mine.  Please.

I've had way too many problems over the years trying to control the water to even begin to detail them.  My next door neighbor asked me yesterday what was the river I had running down the side of my property over the late winter and spring.  I showed him my new containment method:  the river bed.

The water flows into the bed that we dug and continues out to the property line behind the house.  Everyone is amazed by the volume pumped out.  The robins are having a field day.  They splash around and sit in the shade under the bridge.  I also get to sit, or at least I will now that the projects are done and the rest is the usual yard maintenance. 

Enjoy your summer!

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